Welcome to ElenawithAngels 

After an experience of a reading or Quantum Healing Hypnosis you will start to open up to a higher consciousness, self healing and spiritual transformation.
You create an experience where your emotions and your thoughts are not all over the place and slowly you take care of them when you understand that they are as important as a part of your body. Your life gets under control. Life is an opportunity not an obstacle, your confidence comes back.

Angel Readings

A one hour reading includes a full psychic reading on your health, abundance and relationships and your questions. An hour and a half may includes some of these cathegories: Aura Reading, an Energy Healing, a Chakra Balancing, Communicating about Past lives or finding your Spirit Guide. Learn More

Angel and earth

 QHH Quantum Healing Hypnosis 

We are immortal souls that experience our lives in physical bodies. Many times unresolved issues from other lives affect our present life. In a past life regression session you will be guided thought past lives where your subconscious will explore these issues and you will find your own answers. Learn More

Clairvoyant Classes

Everybody is psychic.You have intuition that invigorates the senses and broadens your perception. When we listen to it, we experience higher states of consciousness and a spiritual transformation. We will introduce you to the psychic language and teach you what happens to your brain in meditation. Learn More


Energy Healing

It’s a general healing of the physical, mental and emotional bodies. I use a green light vibration of healing to balance the body where it is needed.

Communication of Past lives

In some readings, when the client sits down a past life comes to me right away. The client shows me a past life to help themselves heal the present.

Thank-you Elena for helping me to clear old childhood beliefs. The session with you was unlike anything else I’ve ever experienced.


When I first met Elena, I was stuck in despair. No matter how I tried or how much I wanted to, I was unable to step out of the pain into joy. Working with Elena helped me make that step and better maintain that state.


A reading with Elena is a beautiful experience – she truly brings in the angels, hers as well as your own and so creates an atmosphere of trust and connection where things just flow.
Highly recommendable!


I was amazed at the subconscious memory that came up to be cleared. It was the root of my issue around being uncomfortable in my body. We also went into some really important past life memories. Thank you Elena, your gifts are truly amazing.