Angel readings

           Angel and earth

I invite you to experience a Reading

One hour reading includes a full psychic reading with the help of the Angels on your health, love, prosperity relationships..I recommend the clients to write their questions before the reading.

An hour and a half may includes some of these categories: Aura Cleaning,  Energy Healing, Chakra Balancing, Communication about Past lives or/and finding your Spirit Guide.

Ask me and let’s join the celestial beings to gain clarity on your path.

Angels looks physically like us

They have well-built psiques, with an aura very close to their bodies that shine with a bright white color. They always speak slowly even smiling but they can be serious and they can laugh at the same time. Angels are helpers of humanity and they are always with us. 

A Reading is what you need to feel in tune with your present.


  • Aura Cleaning  People walk around with so much stuff in their auras that sometimes the aura appears as a storage space full of things. Many of this things or blocks we absorved from family, friends, people we don’t even know or situations.  I clear this space by releasing what is not yours.
  • Energy Healing Its a general healing of the physical, mental spiritual or/and emotional bodies. I use the help of the healing angels to balance the body where it is needed.
  • Chakra Balancing  The Chakras or Wheels (called this way in Sanskrit) are the 7 main spiritual centers in the body. Some of them they look just like a donut. When the chakra is clean, the colors are sparkly, bright and shimmery, a very nice thing to see.
  • Communication about Past lives  In some readings, when the client sits down a past life comes to me right away. The client oversoul shows me a past life to help themselves heal the present. Knots from another lives can be undone and cords can be cut. Family chains from past generations could be untied.
  • Finding your spirit guides  They come from another space very close to us. Normally when they show up or I ask them to appeared they dress from the culture they were living in the psychical body before they entered into the divine realm. Their job is to guide us the best they can. They can learn their lessons as we learn ours. 

Angel Readings at Kona Stories Bookstore in keahou Shopping Center

 78-6831 Alii Dr, Kailua-Kona, HI 96740  

 3:00pm – 6:00pm every Friday



Special prices only at Kona Stories‘ at keahou Shopping Center
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