Clairvoyant Classes


We all are psychic because we all have intuition and imagination. When we listened to it we get benefits experiencing higher states of consciousness and a spiritual transformation. Everybody is psychic.We will introduce you to the psychic language and we will teach you what happen to your brain in meditation.


We will learn how to clean yourself of “garbage energy” that affects your happiness more than you would believe it.

Feelings of resentment, jealousy, or anger may go towards you almost every week.

That negative energy, if its directed at you, will affect you and it will cause difficulties for you on your path.

The aura is an electromagnetic field that absorb other electricity positive o negative, both are part of the system. We balance the poles and we create more strength in our space, and we star feeling more peaceful and recharge.

You will learn to release the unwanted vibrations from your body.


(balancing the two brains)

You get in the center of yourself and get focused, breathing does the rest.

Whenever you want to be more present in any situation, mental focus is essential.

Thousands of people from all walks of life have benefited from meditation, releasing anxiety and worries.

Combining prayer with meditation will definitely enhance your feeling of God’s presence.

By raising the Theta-wave activity of your brain everyday, meditation has helped many to integrate mind and body.


Energy must flow to work and we can move it when we transmute into primal matter.

This happen as a river that create life, It can drain excess energy out. Higher level of serenity are always experience.