Frequently Asked Questions


 Questions and Answers

  Who are the Angels?

Angels are multidimensional celestial beings that contact humans through intuition. They promote a higher state through you, enabling your mind, body and spirit to archive states of serenity that may have been in your past. Angels always bring clarity. One’s clarity is experienced, the decision become easy, because the best solution becomes obvious.

What is Quantum Healing Hypnosis?

Quantum Healing Hypnosis is the process of releasing all the negative images we have stored in our mind thought our life-s.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions can break state-dependent traumatic memories and sometimes creates despair. Fearful events create traumas and blocks that we carry inside ten, twenty, thirty or even more years, all the life. There have been times in our lives where we experience heart break, and everybody experience  this at one time or another. Its hurts. Some people cannot recognize the source of their problems and that is a disadvantage. The emotional pain may be elusive and we have being carry for decades, but the body does not forget. The body creates some kinds of illness so  dramatically you are obligated to pay attention and remove the pressure in the way you believe its best. Let your body release all these memories and the karma that was created in your past and let’s organize new memories you want to create for your present life. Remember during the hypnotherapy session its normal to feel anxiety after the session, your mind-body started to communicate and heal, and this is very valuable.

What happen in a psychic reading?

In a reading you get answers to your questions generally related to health, relationships and career. The beauty of a reading is that you begin to experience a greater mind/heart integration. Things you desire can manifest almost magically when you follow the recommendations. The forces of the universe take the energy of your perfect thoughts and emotions and move them into physical manifestation in a better harmonic manner than your past did. It show up in your life as experiencing less resistance to obtain your goals. Your aura gets cleaned from negativity or dust and the healing energy removes the perception of being a victim to a place of gratitude and power.

Whats Meditation?

When we meditate, we balance the difference between the two hemispheres of the brain: the “right brained” ( artistic and spatially oriented) and the “left brained” (logic and linear oriented). Its made us more whole brained. We experience calmer reactions to stressful situations, mental clarity, increase creativity and improve learn ability. Good breathing optimizes and improves the results. Healing states of consciousness are known to be associated with daily meditation. We feel the love coming from our Divinity, being alone with our true self.

What the stress provoke in the body?

Stress is one of our worst enemy of this century, too much information to process in a short time that does not support us in our daily life. We are worried about illusions and utilize these illusions in our lives, we are being consumed by all this emotions and we start having difficulty in making decisions, creating feelings of powerlessness, and confusion. 

What guilt does to the mind?

Feeling guilty is like poison for humanity. Many old teachings said that guilt was kind of an consequent thought relating to mistakes, further than that it generate heavy energy thought our soul. I observed with my clients thought the years that many believe it’s ok to be guilty and live with fear of success. We get what we attract. It’s impossible to create your desires thinking with fear and resentment toward yourself. Before any healing can take place, the issues that create emotional imbalance need to be resolved.

Can I learn to be a clairvoyant?

Yes. You can decide to take the clairvoyant classess with Elena and start using the abilities that are your naturally. The best way to start is with meditation as a foundation of your psychic abilities to integrate the process of being psychic. The Ayurvedic medicine explains the chakras as spiritual centers of the body, an imbalance in each of the seven physical chakras can create difficulty in our lives. The main chakras sits in the middle of our body, balancing the organs around it. By clearing them from impurities and restoring them to harmony we heal imbalances related to that area in particular. Once stress is dissipated, it begin the normalization in us, doubts are dissipated and replaced by confidence and self actualization.