Quantum Healing Hypnosis


Quantum Healing Hypnosis QQT

Many times unresolved issues from our past affect our present life, imagine what it can do to have them from another past life.

In a past life regression session, you will be guided thought your other lives. Your subconscious can explore these unresolved issues and in this state of awareness, be more capable of finding your answers and bringing them into your physical body where you can integrate your wisdom into this present life.

You as Spirit, communicate with images and symbols, the physical body communicates with emotions. We will use these unique languages to explore and heal both; the body and spirit.

We are immortal souls that experience our lives in physical bodies.

Its our responsibility to take care of our bodies.

Find healing from problems including:

Trauma, Chronic Fatigue, Depression

Migraines, Addiction, Fobia

Nerve, Immune System, Circulatory System, Heart Issues

The following sessions are between 3-4 hours.

Firs session QHH $175  

Special ‘3-pack’ so You Get the Best Results!

Reasonable rates for QQH: $499 for 3 sessions 

1-to-1 Hypnosis Sessions

Recorded Sessions in CD or mp3.

If you have a generational pattern in the family, your commitment may need more than 10 sessions.

These events can create traumas and blocks that we may carry all our lives.

Quantum Healing Hypnosis sessions can break the state-dependent traumatic memories and sometimes create despair.

People cannot always recognize the source of their problems and that leaves them at a disadvantage. When you are being guided by an hypnotherapist its possible to release all these negative memories and karma that were created in the past and  you can implement new healthy images for your  present life.

Located at Kealakekua Bay, Captain Cook, Hawaii, in a relaxed environment, easy to find location.

Confidential services that get results!

According to a comparison study reported in American Health Magazine, after 600 sessions of psychoanalysis, clients experienced a 38% recovery rate; after 22 sessions of behavioral therapy, clients experienced a 72% recovery rate; but after only 6 sessions of hypnotherapy, clients experienced a 93% recovery rate!

             An imagine of a library in real life similar of that of the Akashic records on the Universe.